Dr. Leslie Composing Room Montage

Dr Leslie &
The Composing Room

1934 - 1942
An Important Time
In The Development
Of American Graphic Design

An MFA Thesis Project
Written & Designed by
Erin K. Malone

Rochester Institute of Technology - 1994

Originally conceived as a Hypercard Interactive experience, the work has been translated and modified for the Web so that others may benefit from this design history research.

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Please Note: The Doctor Leslie Project was conceived as an MFA Thesis project while attending the Rochester Institute of Technology and is intended for educational research only. The information found within these pages and the compilation of this information is copyrighted 1994 - 2006 Erin K Malone. All data, analysis, text and biographies are copyright Erin K Malone. All images found within these pages are the sole property of their original copyright holders (unless otherwise indicated) and are used here for educational purposes to illustrate and support the information about Dr. Leslie and the Composing Room.