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The A-D Gallery & Gallery 303 Exhibitions

A-D Gallery
A-D Gallery Intro

A-D Gallery

Advance Guard
Lester Beall
Gergely / Barschel
Alex Steinweiss
Will Burtin
Hal Zamboni
Alvin Lustig
Morton Goldsholl
George Salter

Gallery 303
Heritage of the
Graphic Arts Lectures

Images from the Heritage of the Graphic Arts series



PM Gallery Exhibits work of Herbert Matter

PM Instructional Talks
The Approach to 'Fine' Printing
Joseph Blumenthal of the Spiral Press

1937 PM Instructional Talks - Modern Typography & Design
September 22 - October 20
Faber Birren
Gustav Jensen
Egmont Arens
Lester Beall
M. F. Agha


PM Gallery Exhibits work of Hans Alexander Mueller - April

1940 PM / A-D Gallery Exhibits work of Susanne Suba
1941 Studies in Advanced Design
Students of Herbert Bayers American Advertising Guild Class
April - June 6

Summer Exhibit through September 2
Printing and Advertising Arts 1840 - 1890
from the Warsaw Collection of Business Americana

Growing Art
Childrens Art Work (mentioned in October / November issue of A-D)
1942 A-D Gallery Exhibits
Advance Guard of Advertising Artists
through March
Frank Barr, Herbert Bayer, Lester Beall, Jean Carlu, E. McKnight Kauffer,
Herbert Matter, Laszlo Moholy Nagy, Paul Rand, Ladislav Sutnar
1943 Paintings, drawings and designs by Jim Flora
June 11 - July 18
Gallery Exhibit invitation

Lettering & Calligraphy in Current Advertising and Publishing
under the direction of George Salter and Paul Standard
May 11 - June 29
Arnold Bank, Frank Bartuska, Toni Bonagura, William Brooke, J. Albert Cavanagh, Warren Chappell, Edgard Cirlin, T. M. Clelan, W. A. Dwiggins, Philip Grushkin, Robert Haas, J. J. Herman, Rand Holub, Gustav Jensen, M. R. Kaufman, Riki Levinson, Sam H. Marsh, William Metzig, Oscar Ogg, George Salter, David Soshenski, Andrew Szoeke, Tommy Thompson, Jeanyee wong, Miriam Woods

A Guide to Lester Beall
November 19 - December 31


Four Veterans
Herbert Bender, Charles Egri, Gene Federico, Seymour Robins

Gergely / Barschel
Tibor Gergely, Hans J. Barschel
March 26 - April 26


Ladislav Sutnar
January 10 - February 28 1947
Covers his work from 1929-1946

Paul Rand
March 31 - May 29

Alex Steinweiss
Visual Communications Techniques
October 4 - November 28


Will Burtin
November 9, 1948 - January 14, 1949

Ben Rose shows his photographs at A-D Gallery in New York


Hal Zamboni
March 7 - April 29

Alvin Lustig
October 11 - December 2


Morton Goldsholl
February 7 - March 31


Creates Gallery 303 to display typographic arts


Eleven leading designers from Paris exhibit at Gallery 303 in New York

Editorial art from McCall’s magazine shown at The Composing Room


George Salter
A Third of A Century of Graphic Work -December 1961


55 Years of Lucian Bernhard

Ernst Reichl - Book Titles & Book Design
(date unknown)

Professor Georg Trump
exhibition of work at Gallery 303
(date unknown)


Begins “Heritage of the Graphic Arts” lecture series at Gallery 303

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