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Fritz Amberger got his start in graphic arts in his father's printing plant in Zurich. He studied art in Zurich and later in Geneva with the Swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler. He worked at the Bauer Type Foundry and as art director for the German vintner Kupferberg Gold. He taught art at the School for Industrial Art in Mainz, Germany. He was also a partner in a printing firm specializing in catalogues. He spent a year in Haiti working as the foreign editor and mechanical superintendent of a newspaper plant. From Haiti he came to the United States. Once in the US he lectured at NYU and designed typefaces, packaging, book jackets, bindings and posters for such firms as American Brass Co., E. I. duPont, Holeproof Hosiery, Lee Tires, Metro - Goldwyn Mayer and The Reynolds Corp.

March 1937
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