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Fritz Eichenberg received his training at the Municipal School of Applied Arts in Cologne, Germany and the Staatliche Akademie fur Graphische Kunste in Leipzig. He worked in Berlin from 1923 to 1933 illustration books as well as writing. He settled in New York in 1933 and soon after began teaching at the New School. In 1947 he began teaching at Pratt Institute. He became chairman of the department of graphic arts in 1956 and founded the Pratt Graphic Arts Center in Manhattan the same year. In 1966 he was appointed Chairman of the Art Department of the University of Rhode Island. He served on the board of the AIGA and the Society of American Graphic Arts. During his career he illustrated over 100 books, working predominately in wood engraving and lithography. His illustrations have appeared in books by such publishers as The Heritage Club, The Limited Editions Club, Random House, Kingsport Press, Book of the Month Club, Rodale Press, Aquarius Press and Doubleday.

February-March 1939
December- January 1939-40
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