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Arnold Newman originally attended the University of Miami, but was forced to leave school due to finances. When he was twenty he began working in a portrait studio in Philadelphia. It was there that he received his basic training in photography. By 1939 he was travelling for the photo studio to Baltimore, Allentown and New York. During his travels he began making images and experimenting with portraits of poor black workers and constructions created in vacant lots. In 1941 he had his first exhibition with Ben Rose at the A-D Gallery. From 1942 to 1945 he operated a studio in Miami Beach and had his first one-man show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1945. He was an active magazine photographer by 1947 and regularly contributed to Life, Horizon, Holiday, Look, Esquire, Fortune, Collier's, Newsweek, Town and Country and The Saturday Evening Post. His work has been featured in several books and magazine articles and he has received many awards and honors.

December-January 1941-42
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