Contributor List

The following names are artists listed in the credits of a particular issue or listed on the final list of collaborating artists and designers. Biographical information about these artists has not been found. Artists with "issue unknown" were in the final list but have not been able to be verified in the issues themselves.

Artist - Designer Feature - Contributor Issue
Douglas Clamp April 1935
R. C. Ellis February 1937
Alois Erdtelt December 1934
Harry H. Farrell April-May 1941
William Fink August-September 1939
James Iritani March 1937
Benjamin Lewis March 1937
Reba Martin
October 1935
August-September 1939
Douglas C. McMurtrie issue unknown
Elizabeth Mead February-March 1939
Kurt Menzer June-July 1939
Howard E. Miller May 1937
Paul Outerbridge  
Karl Perl September 1935
Leo Rackow December-January 1938-39
Saul issue unknown
Alexander Stern issue unknown

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