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Issue No. 1 PM or AD PM Height 7 7/8"
Volume No. 1 No. 1 Width 5 5/16"
Date September 1934 Pages 20    
Art Director Martin J. Weber Contents Editorial Announcement
The Limited Editions Idea in Advertising
The Special Printer
PM Shorts
A Cost Catechism
Illustration and Mechanical Methods
Graphic Arts Firms
Production Managers! How Would you Sell Printing
Watch The Kids!
Unmailed Letters from A Production Manager
Tough Spots
Some Problems of the Photo Engraver
Classified Ads
Illustration Credits Woodcuts - Asa Cheffitz
Processes & Techniques Used Offset - cover
Letterpress - interior
Typestyles Used Text - Baskerville
Heads - Garamond
Listing of Advertisements Purolator - The Oil Filter
Reliance Reproduction Corporation
The Composing Room
Source of Document Cary Collection - RIT Data Entry by EKM Date Entered 12/13/93
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