PM Magazine

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Issue No. 4 PM or AD PM Height 7 7/8"
Volume No. 1 No. 4 Width 5 5/16"
Date December 1934 Pages 24    
Art Director Martin J. Weber Contents Frontispiece
Editorial Notes
Senefelder’s Lithographic Stores
Alois Senefelder
Papier Mache Masks
PM Shorts
Where can I find a good printer?
Illustration & mechanical methods
Graphic Arts Firms
The Newspaper Advertisement that was released on time
An Electrotype Salesman Talking to Himself
PM Library
Unmailed Letters from a Prod Mgr.
Processes & Techniques Used Cover - Offset
Inside - Letterpress
Photograph Credits Cover: Frederick Bradley
Illustration Credits Alois Erdtelt
Cover Artist Frederick Bradley  
PM / A-D Shorts Lillian Lustig
Alfred A. Cohn
Listing of Advertisements The Composing Room
Reliance Reproduction Co.
Supreme Printing Service
Weber - Johnson Illustration
& Design
Book of American Types - ATF Specimen Book P's & Q's by Sallie B. Tannahill
Ars Typographica - Frederic W.Goudy, ed...
Processes of Graphic Reproduction in Printing by Harold Curwen
The Process & Practice of Photo-Engraving by Harry A. Groesbeck,Jr.
Advertising Production Methods by A. W. Dippy
Source of Document Cary Collection - RIT Data Entry by Diane Malone Date Entered 12/30/93
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