PM Magazine

Magazine List
Issue No. 4 PM or AD PM Height 7 7/8"
Volume No. 2 Pages 32 Width 5 5/16"
Date December 1935 No. 16    
Processes & Techniques Used Cover - Sheet fed Gravure
Interior- letterpress
Contents Frontispiece
Editorial Notes
The Machine in Papermaking
Joseph Blumenthal
Sheetfed Gravure
The Estienne Firebrands
Adolph Dehn
The Similetone process
The Dummy Abuse
PM Shorts
Reproduction Proofs
Robert Lawson’s “Peace Conference”
Illustration Credits “Leave-taking - a war tragedy” by Honore Daumier
Cover Artist Robert Lawson
Featured Artist Adolph Dehn, Illustrator
Author of Feature Robert L. Leslie
PM / A-D Shorts Lucien Bernhard
Alexey Brodovitch
George E. Maury
Robert Lawson
Lillian Lustig
Georg Salter
Listing of Advertisements The Composing Room
Reliance Reproduction Co.
Flower Electrotypes
The Wickersham Press
Source of Document Cary Collection - RIT Data Entry by EKM Date Entered 1/1/94
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