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Issue No. 8 PM or AD PM Height 7 7/8"
Volume No. 4 Pages 64 + cover Width 5 5/16"
Date August-September 1938 No. unnumbered    
Inserts Hans Alexander Mueller at Seventy - electrotypes from original wood engravings Contents Hans Alexander Mueller
Mr. Gerald Worthington Cedluss Streamlines the Tomato
Designers at Work in America
 - Ruth Gerth
 - Wilbur Henry Adams
 - Walter Baermann
 - Donald Deskey
 - Donald R. Dohner
 - Frederick J. Kiesler
 - Lucian Bernhard
 - Russell Wright
Editorial notes
Edward Epstean at Seventy
Book Review
Photograph Credits Leonard Hyams
Dr. Fritz Wentzel
Cover Artist Hans Alexander Mueller
Featured Artist Hans Alexander Mueller
Author of Feature Lynd Ward
PM / A-D Shorts L. Moholy - Nagy
Frank E. Powers
George F. Trenholm
Alfred A. Cohn
Otto W. Fuhrmann
F. L Amberger
Irving Geis
Listing of Advertisements The Composing Room
Merganthaler - Linotype
Allen - Hall Co. Inc.
Wilbar Engravings
Ludlow Typograph
Russell Rutter Co., Inc.
Silvertone Process Co.
Reliance reproduction Co.
Colton Press
The National Process Co.
Flower Electrotypes
Books Reviewed Production yearbook 1938 - Leo H. Joachim
Source of Document Cary Collection - RIT Data Entry by EKM Date Entered 1/7/94
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