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February-March 1940

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Howard Willard

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György Kepes
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Magazine List
Issue No. 3 PM or AD PM Height 7 7/8"
Volume No. 6 Pages 87 [21] Width 5 5/16"
Date February-March 1940 No. unnumbered    
Processes & Techniques Used cover - 4c photo gelatine Contents Howard W. Willard
Howard Willard's Collage by Herbert Bayer
William Sharp
György Kepes
The Task of Visual Advertising - György Kepes
New Art Forms in Cardboard
Editorial Notes
Modern Art 600 bc to 1940 AD
Books and Pictures
PM Collaborators - 1939 - 40
PM Shorts
Inserts Howard Willard - layout by Howard Willard - letterpress
William Sharp - gravure
György Kepes - layout by György Kepes
Photograph Credits

Lisk Associates
Modern Packaging
Larry McKay

Cover Artist Howard W. Willard
Featured Artist Howard W. Willard
György Kepes
Books Reviewed Woodcuts and Wood Engravings: How I Make Them by Hans Alexander Mueller
The Penrose Annual - ed. R. B. Fishenden
Marionette in Motion by W. A. Dwiggens
Scylla The Beautiful by Albert and Helen Fowler
Retail Advertising and Sales Promotion by Charles M. Edwards
The Script Letter by Tommy Thompson
Author of Feature Howard W. Willard
L. Moholy-Nagy
PM / A-D Shorts

Howard Black
Lester Beall
Stewart H. Rae
School of Design, Chicago, L. Moholy-Nagy
Daniel Berkely Updike
Miguel Covarrubias
Walter Baermann
Clayton Whitehill
The Art Director's Club

Listing of Advertisements Aldus Printers
Strathmore Paper Co.
Ralph C. Coxhead Corp.
Reliance Reproduction Co.
The Composing Room
Pioneer Moss Photo Engravers
Merganthaler - Linotype Co.
Wickersham Press
Ludlow Typograph
Flower Electrotypes
American Type Founders
Edith Pilpel
George H. Morrill Co.
Wilbar Photo Engraving
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