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Issue No. 4 PM or AD AD Height 7 7/8"
Volume No. 8 Pages 38 [66] Width 5 5/16"
Date April-May 1942 No. unnumbered    
Processes & Techniques Used

cover - 5c silkscreen
2c letterpress

Contents A-D Suspends Publication
Our Collaborators 1934 - 1942
Editorial Notes
Composing Room Notes
George Krikorian
The Ethics and Aesthetics of Type and typography
Art Directors Club 21st Annual Exhibition
Books and pictures
A-D Shorts
How to make government propoganda more effective
Photography in the Field of Art
Designers Clarence P. Hornung
Photograph Credits Martin J. Weber
Cover Artist Martin J. Weber
Featured Artist George Krikorian
Author of Feature Kenneth Collins  
PM / A-D Shorts Pat Dolan
Art Director's Club of Boston
Sanford Gerard
M. Stanley Brown
Frederic Goudy
Ben Rose
Grabhorn Press
Listing of Advertisements Ampco Printing Co.
Strathmore Paper Co.
Supreme Displays Inc.
Wilbar Photoengraving
J. E. Linde Paper Co.
Royal Jones Photo Engraving
Ludlow Typograph
Caxton Press
Flower Electrotypes
Whitney Press
Pioneer Moss Photo Engraviner
Russell Rutter Co.
Marquardt and Co. Inc. Fine Papers
Books Reviewed Soldiers of the American Army by Frederick Todd, drawings by Fritz Kredel
The Recent Comic Book Show - AIGA exhibit
Source of Document Cary Collection - RIT Data Entry by EKM Date Entered 1/8/94
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