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PM Magazine

The publication published by Robert Leslie to promote artists, designers and printing education. Percy Seitlin and Robert Leslie were the editors. Stands for Production Manager.

A-D Magazine
PM became A-D after Robert Leslie sold the name to Ralph Ingersoll. Stands for Art Direction.

'Uncle' Bob
Robert Leslie.

job printer
A print shop that prints on a job to job basis.

Industrial doctor
A doctor specifically hired by industry or a manufacturing company. Dr. Leslie was the first Industrial doctor in New York city, hired by McGraw Hill Publishing Co.

Influential graphic design journal first published in 1925. Leslie was the American liaison and began publishing PM magazine when Gebrauchsgraphik folded.

The Composing Room
Typesetting firm run by Robert L. Leslie and Sol Cantor. Also published PM and AD magazines and sponsored A-D gallery exhibits and later Gallery 303.

The "Creative Forties"
Term coined by Leslie to describe the excitement and creativity of the graphic arts industry during the 1940's.


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