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Thank Yous
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Original Thanks from the Thesis project 1994

I would like to thank my thesis committee, Professors R. Roger Remington and Bruce Ian Meader and Barbara Polowy, for their advice, patience and guidance.

For answering my persistent questions and sharing their memories of Dr. Leslie, I would like to thank Alex Steinweiss, Gene Federico, Hans J. Barschel, Paul Rand, Herbert Johnson, David Pankow and Mark Haworth-Booth.

For patiently waiting at the New York Public Library for copies thanks to Christine Serino.

For answering questions about programming thanks to Professor Gordon Goodman and Jane Ann Settergren.

For testing the logic and fluidity of this project I thank Christine Serino and Joe Digioia.

Finally for making this possible and for listening to my ideas and complaints, great thanks go to my parents, Diane and Rick Malone.




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