1900 Artists of Vienna Secession group create posters

Behrens designs Sans serif face

1901 Frank Lloyd Wright publishes ‘The Art and Craft of the Machine”

1902 Tally’s Electric Theatre opens in Los Angeles

Alfred Steiglitz founds the Photo-Secession Group

1903 Morris Benton designs Franklin Gothic types

Picasso establishes his studio in Paris

Charles Mackintosh completes Willow Tea Rooms at height of Art Nouveau elegance

Photographer Walker Evans born in St. Louis

Paul Gauguin dies

1904 Offset lithography invented

Salvador Dali born

Eadweard Muybridge dies

Russel Wright born in Lebanon, Ohio

Ernst A. Batchelder publishes text book “The Principles of Design”

Lauweriks teaches geometric grid composition in Germany

1905 Steiglitz operates Gallery 291 in NY

Lucien Bernhard designs poster for Priester matches in Berlin

Brodovitch moves to Moscow with his family

Ernest Elmo Calkins declares advertising “a profession”

French advertising magazine La Publicite begins publishing

Frank Lloyd Wright designs Unity Temple in Oak Park, Illinois

1906 Hungarian art nouveau shown at Milan Exhibition

Gyorgy Kepes born in Selyp, Hungary

Paul Cezanne dies

1907 Picasso and Braque invent Cubism

Steiglitz opens Little Galleries of Photo-Secession at 291 Fifth Avenue

Deustche Werkbund founded in Munich by Herman Multhesius

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Picasso signals beginning of Cubism

Herbert Matter born in Switzerland

1908 Peter Behrens designs trademark for AEG

George Guisti born

Futurism begins in Italy

Frank Lloyd Wright designs famous prairie-style Robie House in Chicago

Steiglitz gives Matisse his first exhibition in America at “291”

Will Burtin born in Cologne, Germany

1909 F.T. Marinetti’s “Futurist Manifesto” published in Paris newspaper

Peter Behrens office includes Miies van der Rohe, Gropius, and later Le Corbusier

Cubism first appears with Picasso’s ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’

Magazine publisher Conde Nast acquires ‘Vogue’

1910 Plakatstil artist Ludwig Hohlwein “Marco Polo Tee” poster

Will Bradley restyles Century magazine

Leo Lionni born in Amsterdam, Netherlands of Dutch parents

N.W. Ayer advertising agency first uses art directors

Gestalt psychologists formulate principles of perceptual organization in Germany

First commercial neon sign in Paris

Steiglitz first shows abstract paintings by Americans at “291”

1911 French Art Deco

Birth of Kasimir Malevitch’s Suprematism

Publisher Cyrus Curtis invents modern “market research”

Braque invents collage

George Braque’s painting ‘Man with a Guitar’, exemplary example of analytical cubism

Bradbury Thompson born

William Golden born

Cipe Pineles born

1912 Wertheimer publishes Gestalt Perceptual theory in Frankfurt

Vladimir Mayakovsky “christened” a poet by David Burliuk

24 sheet billboard poster becomes a standard

Jan Tschichold born

1913 America introduced to modern art at Armory Show in NY

Giovanni Papini’s ‘Lacerba’ introduces free typography in Italy

Tatlin, Malevich and Lissitzky produce Constructivist work in Russia

Vorticist movement founded in England by Wyndham Lewis

Marcel Duchamp’s sculpture ‘Bicycle Wheel’ leads to Dada and Surrealism

1914 American Institute of Graphic Arts founded in New York

Francis Thibaudeau invents the asymmetric ‘Typographie de groupes’

Brodovitch runs away from home to join Russian army

Alexander Rodchenko meets Vavaro Stepanova

London Transport symbol designed

Paul Rand born

Edna Woolman Chase becomes editor of ‘Vogue’ magazine

Roycrofters Press publishes “Philistine Journal” with strong Arts & Crafts message

1915 Duchamp makes first Dada paintings

Brodovitch joins cavalry and fights in Romania

Japanese designer Yusaku Kamekura born

Alvin Lustig born

1916 Nihilistic, absurdist movement Dada founded in Zurich

Norman Rockwell illustrates his first cover for Saturday Evening Post magazine

John Hearfield and George Grosz develop photomontage

Dada Manifesto read in Zurich by Tristan Tzara

Edward Johnson designs geometric typeface for London Underground

1917 DeStijl begun in Holland by Theo van Doesburg

Van Doesburg designs DeStijl Alphabet

DeStijl Manifesto published

Marcel Duchamp exhibits common urinal “Fountain,” as Art in New York

James Montgomery Flagg designs Uncle Sam “I Want You” poster

Tristan Tzara begins editing of DADA

1918 Color theorist Albert Munsell dies

Brodovitch meets wife Nina in Odessa

De Stijl designer Gerrit Rietveld makes famous red and blue armchair

Oswald B. Cooper completes design of typeface ‘Cooper’

E. McKnight Kauffer designs Daily Herald poster

1919 Bauhaus founded in Weimar, Germany with Walter Gropius as Director

L’Espirit Nouveau magazine began by Le Corbusier, Ozenfant.

El Lissitzky creates first proun painting

Renoir dies

Surrealism term coined by Guillaume Appollinaire

Baurat Adolf Meyer lectures with Gropius at the Bauhaus

Kurt Schwitters publishes first “Merz” collages

American Lyonel Feininger does woodcut ‘Cathedral’ at Bauhaus

Earnest Elmo Calkins calls advertising art a “new art-form”

New York Art Directors Club is founded

John Heartfield’s first significant work, the photocollage “Everybody his own football”

1920 Jay Hambidge publishes ‘Elements of Dynamic Symmetry’

Armin Hofmann born in Winterthur, Switzerland

Kohler, Gestalt Psychologist, describes Isomorphosism

M.F. Agha meets publisher Conde Nast in Berlin

Brodovitch moves to Paris and designs stage sets for Diaghilev

Saul Bass born

Johannes Itten establishes basic course at the Bauhaus

Expressionist typography at the Bauhaus influenced by Itten

At age 31 Albers enters Bauhaus as student

Marcel Breuer joins Bauhaus from Hungary

Herbert Bayer joins studio of architect Margold and learns of Bauhaus

Cooper Black typeface designed by Oswald Cooper

1921 Klee and Kandinsky join Bauhaus faculty

Theo Van Doesburg invited by Walter Gropius to visit the Bauhaus

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy named ‘Master of Form’ at Bauhaus

Herbert Bayer arrives at Bauhaus as student

Rodchenko becomes chairman of Inkhuk

Dadaist Man Ray moves to Paris to do photography

El Lissitzky moves to Berlin

Alvin Eisenman born

Theo van Doesburg prints line grid for ad in De Stijl magazine

Inkhuk calls for rejection of easel painting in favor of utilitarian design

School of the Art Institute of Chicago begins Department of Printing Arts

1922 Surrealist movement begins

W.A. Dwiggins coins term ‘graphic design’

Typographer Aaron Burns born

Ladislav Sutnar designs products in glass, porcelain and metal

In Paris Man Ray conducts experimental art using light effects

Moholy-Nagy does first experimental photographs

First advertisement on radio

Kandinsky joins Bauhaus

Herbert Bayer joins Kandinsky’s wall painting workshop at Bauhaus

“New Functional Design” begins in Europe

Aleksei Gan publishes “Constructivist Manifesto” in Russia

Walter Dexel designs first illuminated exterior advertising in Germany

Bauhaus moves to a ‘Constructivist’ aesthetic

Herbert Bayer meets El Lissitzky and Kurt Schwitters who are visiting the Bauhaus

1923 George Grosz publishes Ecce Homo

A.M. Cassandre posters first appear in Paris

Oskar Schlemmer heads Bauhaus Theatre workshop

El Lissitzky’s calls for “the electro-library” over traditional book formats

Frederick Kiesler invited to join De Stijl group as youngest member

First Bauhaus Exhibit draws 15,000 viewers in Weimar

Cranbrook Academy of Art begun in Michigan

Rodchenko starts magazine Novyi lef, using photomontage

First use of neon on signs in United States

LeCorbusier declares “A house is a machine for living”

Piet Zwart begins work with typography

Louis Danziger born

Ladislav Sutnar is Professor at Prague’s State School of Graphic Arts

Johannes Itten resigns from Bauhaus faculty under pressure from Gropius

Lazlo Moholy-Nagy becomes director of the Basic Course at the Bauhaus

De Stijl and Constructivism influence Bauhaus typography

Moholy-Nagy designs Bauhaus prospectus

Le Corbusier publishes book “Toward a New Architecture”

1924 35mm Leica camera first produced

Gerrit Rietveld builds the Schroeder House in Utrecht

Francis Thibaudeau sets typography classification system in Paris

Erte, French illustrator, designs covers for Harper’s Bazaar

Lissitzky and Schwitters produce MERZ

Weimar Bauhaus forced to dissolve

Lissizky and Arp edit THE ISMS OF ART

Piet Zwart begins designing for Nederlandsche Kabelfabriek in Delft

Brodovitch wins Bal Banal poster prize in Paris

Alfred Knopf publishes book of trademarks

Kurt Schwitters founds ‘Merz-Werbezentrale’

Herbert Bayer returns to Bauhaus

Leger makes film, ‘Ballet Mecanique’

1925 Herbert Bayer Designs Universal Typeface at Bauhaus

Bauhaus opens new premises in Dessau

J.J.P. Oud designs Cafe de Unie in Rotterdam

Russian “Futurist” Vladimir Mayakovsky visits America

Losing government support, Bauhaus moves to Dessau, near Berlin

Walter Gropius designs new headquarters building for the Bauhaus in Dessau

At the Bauhaus Josef Albers designs alphabet based on 3 primary shapes

Former students, H. Bayer and J. Schmidt join faculty at Bauhaus

Le Corbusier participates in L’Esprit Nouveau exhibit at Paris Exposition

Hunter and August invent photographic type composing machine in London

Brodovitch wins five medals at Paris Exposition

Lazlo Moholy-Nagy introduces word ‘Typophoto’

1926 El Lissitzky champions the book as “the most monumental work of art”

Claude Monet dies

Le Corbusier builds 40 austere, modern houses at Pessac, near Bordeaux

Bauhaus poster for Kandinsky exhibit designed by Herbert Bayer

Willi Baumeister’s article “Neue Typographie” appears in Die Form

Herbert Bayer writes articles on basic design for Bauhaus magazine

1927 Society of Typographic Arts founded in Chicago

Brodovitch decorates Prunier restaurant in Paris

Weissenhof Siedlung built in Stuttgart

AM Cassandre designs ‘l’Etoile du Nord’ poster in Paris

Bauhaus in Dessau opens

Herbert Bayer designs cover for January issue of Bauhaus magazeine

Le Corbusier publishes Vers une Architecture

Karl Teige writes essay ‘Modern Type’ which sets tenets of the New Typography

‘International Style’ born at Deutscher Werkbund exposition

Will Burtin studies at Kolner Werkschule

1928 Tschichold writes ‘Die Neue Typographie’

Le Corbusier designs Villa Savoye

Paul Renner designs typeface Futura

Brodovitch works for Atelia, design studio of Aux Trois Quartiers

Conde Nast invites Dr. M.F. Agha to become Art Director of Vogue

Hannes Mayer becomes director

At Bauhaus Josef Albers becomes head of the Basic Course

Bauhaus magazine cover by Herbert Bayer utilizes photomontage

Joost Schmidt heads the Printing Workshop at the Bauhaus

Gropius, Moholy-Nagy, and Breuer leave faculty at the Bauhaus

Domus magazine begins

A.M. Cassandre designs billboards for French weekly VU

Herbert Bayer leaves Bauhaus to pursue independent career at Dorland Agency

Marcel Breuer designs tubular chair

1929 S.H.DeRoos designs typeface ‘Nobel’

Douglas McMurtrie publishes Modern Typography and Layout in Chicago

Mies van der Rohe designs German Pavilion at Barcelona World’s Fair

Bolsheviks denounce Alexander Rodchenko

Museum of Modern Art opens in New York

Gebrauchsgraphik magazine begins publishing

A.M. Cassandre designs typeface Bifur

L. Sutnar begins as Art Editor for Prague publisher Druzstevni Prace

M.F. Agha immigrates to U.S. at Art Director of Conde Nast Publications

Bernhard designs ‘Bernhard Fashion’ typeface

1930 Grant Wood paints American Gothic

Chrysler Building by William Van Alan is triumph of Art Deco

Vladimir Mayakovsky commits suicide

Mies van der Rohe becomes director of the Bauhaus

Brodovitch teaches at Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Design

First working phototypesetter installed by Waterlow & Sons in England

Massimo Vignelli born in Milan, Italy

Herbert Bayer publishes diagrams suggesting new exhibit techniques

Gropius, Breuer, Moholy-Nagy and Bayer collaborate on Werkbund exhibit

1931 Brodovitch receives first commission from N.W. Ayer agency

Theo Van Doesburg dies and De Stijl movement loses driving force

Paul Klee leaves the faculty of the Bauhaus

Nazis view Bauhaus as anti-German and phuysically destroy it

Museum of Modern Art holds International Style Exhibit

Max Bill and The’o Ballmer develop purist, mathematical design approach

Leo Lionni invited by Marinetti to join Futurists

‘Machine age’ style dominates industrial design

1932 Herbert Matter designs Swiss Tourism posters

Publication of The International Style by Hitchcock and Johnson

Dessau government dissolves Bauhaus

Mies van der Rohe transfers Bauhaus to Berlin

Faculty members Albers and Kandinsky remain at Bauhaus until end

Man Ray applies Surrealism to poster for London Underground

AM Cassandre designs Dubonnet poster

Term ‘International Style’ coined for architecture exhibit at Museum of Modern Art

Schwitters lecture heralds beginning of corporate identity design

In Russia Stalin disbands Constructivist movement as “dangerously subversive”

1933 American Art Deco defined by Donald Deskey

Picasso designs cover for first Surrealist periodical Minotaure

Kandinsky moves to Paris

Brodovitch holds first “Design Laboratory” for students in Philadelphia

Charles Coiner designs Blue Eagle symbol for National Recovery Act

Albers arrives in USA to teach at Black Mountain College

Hans Hoffman opens school in New York

Deutscher Werkbund ends in Germany

Kurt Schwitters declared a ‘degenerate artist’ by Nazis

Jan Tschichold flees from Nazis to Switzerland

New Deal Arts programs begun by U.S. Government

Max Burchartz dismissed by the Nazis

Black Mountain College opens in North Carolina

Berlin Bauhaus closes

Rudolph Arnheim publishes ‘Film as Art’

1934 Brodovitch becomes Art Director at Harper’s Bazaar

Walter Paepcke hires Egbert Jacobson as Art Director at CCA

First modern graphics used in CCA advertising

Gertrude Stein returns to USA for lecture tour after 31 year absence

1935 ‘Typographische Gestaltung’ by Tschichold

Russel Wright designs ‘Modern Living’ line of furniture

Herbert Bayer designs Surrealist ad for Adrianol Emulsion

Kasimir Malevich dies

Herbert Matter designs posters for Swiss resorts and travel

Edward Johnston designs for London Underground

Bauhaus graduate Xanti Schwawinsky designs poster for Olivetti in Italy

1936 Posters shown at MoMA’s ‘Posters by Cassandre’ exhibit

Vanity Fair magazine ends publication

Life magazine begins new era for photographers

Frank Lloyd Wright designs Kaufmann house ‘Fallingwater’ at Bear Run PA

Herbert Matter emigrates to United States

Penguin Books founded by Allen Lane

Ben Shahn designs posters with strong political and social themes

Edward Ronthaler establishes photographic typesetting firm

Egbert Jacobson hired as design director at Container Corp. of America

Herbert Bayer writes “A Contribution to Book Typography”

1937 Franklin Institute in Pittsburgh exhibits outdoor advertising posters

AM Cassandre designs the Ford billboard in New York

New Bauhaus begun in Chicago by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Exhibition of “Degenerate Art” held by Nazi Party in Munich

Picasso paints ‘Guernica’ in response to Spanish Civil War tragedy

E. McKnight Kauffer designs posters for London Underground Railways

A.M. Cassandre designs Peignot typeface

Container Corporation begins ad campaign by using A.M. Cassandre

Walter Gropius emigrates to theUnited States

Gropius and Breuer teach at Harvard

Herbert Bayer visits United States

Sutnar designs Czech pavilion at Paris Exhibition

Posters by E. McKnight Kauffer exhibited at Museum of Modern Art

1938 Ladislav Sutnar designs pavilion for Czechoslovakia at NY World’s Fair

New York World’s Fair

Brodovitch wins third prize in MOMA’s Knockdown Furniture competition

Mies van der Rohe assumes directorship of Armour Institute in Chicago

A.M. Cassandre designs poster for Dole Pineapple Juice

Museum of Modern Art mounts exhibit ‘Bauhaus 1919-1928’

“Bauhaus 1919-1928” exhibit brings avant-garde ideas to United States public

Herbert Bayer emigrates to the United States

Joseph Binder designs poster for New York World’s Fair

In Chicago Gyorgy Kepes designs cover for “More Business” magazine

1939 Bradbury Thompson designs first Westvaco Inspiration magazine

Charles Coiner designs citizens defense symbol system

Leo Lionni emigrates to United States, works for N.W. Ayer & Son

“Bauhaus: 1918-1928” exhibit at Museum of Modern Arts

Joseph Binder designs poster for New York World’s Fair

Lazlo Moholy-Nagy begins the School of Design in Chicago

Nazi aggression in Czechoslovakia ends Devetsil group activities

Gyorgy Kepes designs booklet for Container Corporation of America’

1940 Alvin Lustig designs New Directions book jackets

At New York World’s Fair, Jean Carlu paints mural at French Pavillion

‘Jugend’ magazine ends publication

Herbert Bayer teaches design course in New York sponsored by Advertising Guild

500th Anniversary of Gutenberg’s invention of movable type

Alex Steinweiss designs covers for Modern Packaging magazine

Egbert Jacobson works on Color Harmony Manual at Container Corp. of America

1941 Jean Carlu’s poster “America’s Answer! Production” is distributed

Smoking Camel cigarette sign introduced on Times Square in New York

Alexander Liberman arrives in New York and works at Vogue magazine

1942 Kepes teaches camouflage course at New Bauhaus in Chicago

Graphis magazine begun by Walter Herdeg

Eames designs Arts & Architecture covers

American artist Edward Hopper paints ‘Nighthawks’

Federal Art Project employs 3500 artists

Herbert Bayer designs “Road to Victory” exhibit at MoMA

Magazine publisher Conde Nast dies

Alexander LIberman joins Conde Nast Publications

Gyorgy Kepes designs book ‘Paperboard goes to war’ for Container Corporation

1943 Mondrian paints “Broadway Boogie Woogie”

Willem Sandberg works on “experimenta typographica”

First Irving Penn photograph appears on Vogue magazine cover

Herbert Bayer designs exhibit ‘Airways to Peace’ for MoMA

Paul Rand designs ads for Dubonnet wine and Coronet brandy

1944 Gyorgy Kepes writes ‘Language of Vision’

Wassily Kandinsky dies

‘Simplicissimus’ magazine ends publication

Raymond Loewy begin corporate identity for International Harvester Company

School of Design merges with IIT in Chicago

Art by Georgia O’Keeffe appears on cover of “View” magazine

Fernand Leger designs cover for “View” magazine

Herbert Bayer meets Walter Paepcke of Container Corporation of America

J. Walter Thompson Agency hires Herbert Bayer as consultant art director

1945 ‘Type Talks’ publication introduced by American Typographers Association

J.J. Augustin Publishers release Ballet book by Brodovitch

Alvin Lustig teaches at Black Mountain College in North Carolina

Will Burtin becomes art director at Fortune magazine

PRINT magazine features article on Bauhaus importance to design education

1946 Gropius founds The Architects Collaborative (TAC)

George Nelson become director of design at Herman Miller Company

First phototype composition by Intertype

Armin Hofmann begins teaching at Basel School of Arts & Crafts

Charles and Ray Eames begin association with Herman Miller Inc.

Hans and Florence Knoll founds Knoll Associates

Herbert Matter begins designing for Knoll Associates

Leo Lionni teaches design at Black Mountain College in North Carolina

Paul Rand writes ‘Thoughts on Design’

Herbert Bayer moves from New York to Aspen, Colorado

Alvin Lustig designs cover for Fortune magazine

1947 Laszlo Moholy-Nagy writes’ Vision in Motion’

Malik Verlag printing company closes in Germany

Marseille Apartment Block built by Le Corbusier

Silas Rhodes founds School of Visual Arts in New York

Pierre Bonnard dies

Henri Cartier-Bresson has one-man show at Museum of Modern Art

Jan Tschichold designs Penguin books

Armin Hofmann and Emil Ruder begin teaching at School of Design in Basel

1948 Andrew Wyeth paints ‘Christina’s World’

Alvin Lustig has exhibit of his work at A.D. Gallery in New York

Architect Eero Saarinen designs General Motors Technical Center in Michigan

Architect Le Corbusier publishes “The Modular” book

1949 Brodovitch designs first issue of Portfolio magazine

Photon markets first phototypesetting machine

Philip Johnson designs glass house in New Canaan, CT

Ladislav Sutnar and Buckminster Fuller produce ‘Transportation’ book

Doyle Dane Bernbach advertising agency founded

Leo Lionni art director at Fortune magazine & design director for Olivetti

Charles Eames designs Case Study house in California

Time magazine article on Raymond Lowey

Grand opening of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum in New York

1950 Alliance Graphique Internationale founded

Museum of Modern Art has first “Good Design” exhibition

Alvin Eisenman appointed lecturer at Yale School of Fine Arts

Container Corporation begins “Great Ideas of Western Man” ad series

HFG Ulm founded and headed by Max Bill

Walter Paepcke conceives CCA’s “Great Ideas of Western Man” ads

Focus of art world shifts from Paris to New York

Alexander Nesbitt publishes “Lettering Art”

1951 Introduction of CBS Eye symbol, designed by William Golden

Brodovitch designs Portfolio magazine

Walter Paepcke and Egbert Jacobson found first Aspen design Conference

Alvin Lustig teaches at Yale

1952 Leo Lionni designs Olivetti exhibition at Museum of Modern Art in New York

Stanley Meston designs Golden Arches signage for McDonald’s

Alvin Lustig collaborates with Victor Gruen on Northland signage project

First assemby of Alliance Graphique Internationale in London

Leo Lionni teaches at Yale

Museum of Non-Objective Painting changes name to Guggenheim Museum

1953 Allen Hurlburt is Art Director at LOOK magazine

Leo Lionni chairs International Design Conference in Aspen

Herbert Matter teaches at Yale

Herbert Bayer designs World Geo-Graphic Atlas

Push Pin Almanac first published

Herbert Bayer designs World Geo-Graphic Atlas for CCA

Brodovitch is guest critic at Yale School of Art

Construction begins at The Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Ulm

Henry Wolf becomes Art Director at Esquire magazine

1954 Push Pin Studios founded by Glaser, Sorel, Chwast and Ruffins

Exhibition ‘Four American Graphic Designers’ at Museum of Modern Art

Henri Matisse dies

Andre Derain dies

Hermann Zapf publishes Manuale Typographicum

E. McKnight Kauffer dies

Brodovitch teaches at Yale

Adrian Frutiger designs Univers typefaces

Josef Albers teaches at The Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Ulm, Germany

1955 Saul Bass designs poster and titles for film “Man With the Golden Arm”

Steichen’s Family of Man exhibit at MoMA

Leo Lionni president of American Institute of Graphic Arts

Josef Muller-Brockmann designs safety posters

Official opening and dedication of The Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Ulm, Germany

Alvin Lustig dies

Picasso celebrates 75 birthday with exhibitions of his work

Ivan Chermayeff graduated from Yale

Fernand Leger dies

Architect Le Corbusier publishes “The Modular 2” book

1956 Eliot Noyes asked to become Consultant Director of Design at IBM

Charles Eames designs lounge chair for Herman Miller

Paul Rand teaches at Yale

Design Centre opens in United Kingdom

Eliot Noyes asks Paul Rand to design new identity for IBM

Wright’s Guggenheim Museum opens in New York

1957 Bradbury Thompson begins teaching at Yale

Armin Hofmann teaches at Yale

Black Mountain College closes

Typeface Helvetica designed by Max Meidinger and Edouard Hofmann

Brownjohn, Chermayeff and Geismar design firm established in New York

Collier’s magazine ends publication

Seagram building by Mies van der Rohe

Jay Doblin heads IIT Design program

1958 Otto Storch redesigns McCall’s magazine

Neue Grafik by Josef Muller-Brockmann heralds Swiss International style

Will Burtin designs Cell exhibit for Upjohn

Charles Eames and R. Buckminster Fuller visit The Hochschule fur Gestaltung

Hermann Zapf designs Optima typeface

Communication Arts magazine first published

Westvaco publishes first copy of “Westvaco Classics Books”

1959 Rand, Noyes, Matter and Eames collaborate on Westinghouse identity

Richard Coyne publishes Communication Arts magazine

Typography USA forum sponsored by ICTA, NY

Frank Lloyd Wright dies

Brodovitch designs book Observations with Truman Capote and Richard Avedon

Letraset begins marketing rub-off lettering

Journal New Graphic Design from Zurich presents Swiss design

The Typography of Order written by Emil Ruder

William Golden dies

1960 Leo Lionni designs first childrens book, Little Blue and Little Yellow

Alvin Eisenman is President of AIGA

Designer Fred Hauck dies

Malcom Grear joins faculty at RISD

Over $11 billion spent in United States on advertising

Chermayeff & Geismar design identity for Chase Manhattan Bank

Gene Federico designs at McCalls magazine

Massimo and Lella Vignelli establish Vignelli Design Office in Milan

1961 Typographica magazine

Le Corbusier designs The Convent of Sainte-Marie de la Tourette in France

Ted Nelson coins term “Hypermedia”

AIGA presents exhibition “Sutnar: visual design in action”

Aaron Burns publishes book “Typography”

1962 George Lois designs Esquire magazine covers

Andy Warhol paints Campbell soup can

Eros magazine produced by Ralph Ginzburg

Andy Warhol paints Marilyn Monroe Diptych

Chermayeff & Geismar design identity for Chase Manhattan Bank

‘Graphic Design/Japan’ exhibit at Rochester Institute of Technology

1963 AM Cassandre designs logotype for Yves Saint-Laurent

F.H.K. Henrion is President of Alliance Graphique Internationale

Walter Allner becomes art director at Fortune magazine

Ad Reinhardt exhibits in Americans 1963 exhibit at Museum of Modern Art

Georges Braque dies

Herbert Bayer designs music tent at Aspen, Colorado

Armin Hofmann designs William Tell poster

1964 Kenneth Hiebert teaches at School of Design Basel

Karl Gerstner writes ‘Designing Programmes’

Seymour Chwast designs Artone Studio India Ink carton
Warsaw International Poster Biennial begins

Charles Coiner completes work with Container Corporation account at N.W. Ayer

Chermayeff & Geismar design Mobil identity program

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is published by Maurice Sendak

Vignelli awarded Grand Prix Triennale di Milano for Graphic Design

1965 Will Burtin chairs Vision 65 conference at Southern Illinois University

Frederick Kiesler dies

In Chicago Massimo Vignelli cofounds Unimark International

Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) formed

Le Corbusier (Charles-Edourard Jeanneret) dies

Saarinen designs CBS building in New York

Rand designs IBM logotype

Bell Trimline telephone designed

1966 Leo Lionni made honorary member of Society of Typographic Arts, Chicago

Kenneth Hiebert assumes chair of graphic design, Philadelphia College of Art

Brodovitch returns to France, living in Oppede-le Vieux

Jean Arp dies

Christopher Pullman graduates from Yale

Robert Venturi writes ‘Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture’

Alberto Giacometti dies

1967 Paul Arthur designs signage at Expo 67 in Montreal

Emil Ruder publishes Typography

Lubalin designs “No MoreWar” poster

Tomas Moldonado leaves The Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Ulm, Germany

Walker Evans teaches at Yale

Six million of Milton Glaser’s Bob Dylan posters are produced

FHK Henrion directs design at British pavilion at EXPO ‘67 in Montreal

Design for the Real World published by Victor Papanek

Raymond Loewy designs corporate identity for Shell International

1968 Herb Lubalin designs ‘Avant Garde’ magazine

Armin Hofmann designs concrete wall sculpture at Bachmatt School

Mies van der Rohe’s ‘The Gallery of the Twientieth Century’ dedicated in Berlin

MoMA holds “Word and Image” design exhibit

Brodovitch moves to Le Thor, France

AM Cassandre dies

The Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Ulm closed

Advanced Course in graphic design instituted at Basel School of Design

MIT establishes Center For Advanced Visual Studies

Wolfgang Weingart creates intuitive typography in Switzerland

1969 Charles and Ray Eames produces film “Tops”

Peter Max article featured in LIFE magazine

Bauhaus “50 years” exhibit

Bauhaus book by Hans Wingler

Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe die

Herbert Bayer writes “chromatic gate 1969/20” on painting

Ettore Sottsass designs ‘Valentine’ portable typewriter for Olivetti

1970 Friedman teaches "New Wave" typography in the U.S.

1972 Wolfgang Weingart gives 1st American lecture series

1976 Post-modernism design breaks with Modernism

1979 April Grieman design Cal Arts graphics

1980 Josef Müller Brockman designs Concert poster series

1981 Memphis exhibition in Milan

1984 Duffy Design formed

1st Macintosh computer

1986 Yale summer program at Brissago Switzerland