1900 Freud writes ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’

Danish engineer Poulsen patents ‘telegraphone’ a wire recording system

Eastman Kodak sells first Brownie camera

Boxer rebellion

1901 President McKinley shot by Czolgosz in Buffalo NY and dies 7 days later

Vice President Theodore Roosevelt succeeds McKinley

Ragtime jazz developed in the U.S.

Marconi send first transatlantic radio signal

1902 President Roosevelt calls for ‘square deal’ for every citizen

1903 Wright brothers successfully fly a powered airplane

Henry Ford founds The Ford Motor Company

In Russia the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks split

Anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia

The first radio transmission of human voice was sent between cities

New York subway system under construction

Binney & Smith Inc. start making Crayola crayons

1904 Offset lithography invented

Marlene Dietrich born

Rolls-Royce Company founded

Russo-Japanese war breaks out

Father of the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer born

Theodore Roosevelt, President

Mythologist Joseph Campbell born Woman arrested for smoking in public

1905 Einstein publishes ‘Theory of Relativity’

First “fleet” of horseless carriages in England

The blues grow steadily in popularity in the United States

Eugene Debs helps begin Union Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

1906 First radio program of voice and music broadcast in USA

Dimitri Shostakovich born

1907 More than 1.2 million immigrants processed at Ellis Island

Economic “Panic of 1907”

C.G. Jung first meets Sigmund Freud

Lumiere Brothers develop color photography

1908 William Howard Taft, President

Henry Ford introduces Model T automobile

Boy Scout movement begun by Robert Baden-Powell

1909 Robert Peary and Matthew Henseon are first to reach the North Pole

Henry Ford begins use of assemby line to manufacture autos

NAACP founded to abolish Jim Crow laws

Louis Bleriot makes first crossing of English Channel by airplane

1910 Woman’s suffrage movement begins

7.5 million women working

Mann Act makes inter-state prostitution illegal

George Eastman invents Photostat Copying Machine

1911 Madame Curie receives Nobel Prize

Rutherford demonstrates that atom has nuclear structure

‘Taylorization’ analysis of human factory labor, begun by Frederick W. Taylor

First cloud chamber photographs of sub-atomic particles by Charles Wilson

Supercondictivity first observed by Dutch physicist Onnes

1912 Marines enter Cuba to protect United States interests

Titanic sinks on maiden voyage

C.G. Jung first criticizes Freud’s theories

New Mexico becomes 47th state

Arizona becomes 48 state

Carl Jung publishes “The Theory of Psychoanalysis”

Warner Brothers begin producing films

Albert Schweitzer founds hospital in Lambarere, Gabon, Africa

1913 Woodrow Wilson, President

Albert Schweitzer founds Lambarene hospital in Africa

John J. Abel constructed the first artificial kidney

Federal Reserve banking system established

First federal income tax in United States

Eastman Kodak introduces dental X-ray film

1914 America enters World War I

Robert Goddard receives patent for Fire Bomb

Fair Trade Commission established to insure open, fair competition in business

General Federation of Women’s Clubs supports suffrage

Otis Company demonstrates escalator with wooden treads

Panama Canal opens to traffic

John Dodge does first safety test of American automobiles

1915 The first tank ‘Little Willie’ invented

Britain attacks Turks at Gallipoli

Germans sink British liner Lusitania, losing 128 Americans

Classic New Orleans jazz in full bloom

Einstein postulates General Theory of Relativity

40,000 women march in suffrage parade in New York

1916 Jeanette Rankin, first congresswoman elected

Germans attack Allies at Verdun with heavy losses on both sides

President Woodrow Wilson reelected

Jazz sweeps USA

Margaret Sanger opens clinic and distributes contraceptives

Paul Langevin invents untrasonic device for submarine detection

First U.S. child labor law sets standard for hiring of children

1917 October revolution in Russia followed by civil war

U.S. joins Allies in World War I under General John J. Pershing

Spy Mata Hari executed

First Selective Service Act in U.S. covers men ages 18-45

U.S. purchases part of Virgin Islands

1918 Allies advance on all fronts in World War I

Armistice, end of World War I, occurs in November

World wide influenza epidemic

President Wilson puts forth ‘Fourteen Points’ leading to League of Nations

Douglas Campbell first US air ace to shoot down German airplane

Daylight Saving Time adopted in United States

Women get right to vote in England

1919 Peace treaty conference held at Versailles

Major Allied powers meet at Paris Peace Conference

League of Nations founded

Prohibition occurs in United States with enactment of Volstead Act

First transatlantic flight by Alcock and Brown

Ernest Rutherford creates first artificial nuclear transmutation of matter Einstein’s Theory of Relativity verified through observations of eclipse

General Electric creates RCA to take over monopoly from American Marconi

1920 Al Jolson appears in ‘The Jazz Singer’

KDKA, first American radio station, broadcasts from Pittsburgh PA

Women’s Suffrage Amendment (19th Amendment) passed in Congress

Nazi Party formed in Munich

Hitler becomes the 7th member of the ‘Nazi’ party

League of Women Voters is formed

Rotor ship invented by Anton Flettner

American domination of film industry established

Emigration of filmmakers to Hollywood begins

18th Amendment (Prohibition) enacted

1921 Warren G. Harding, President of United States

Chinese Communist Party founded

Jung publishes ‘Psychology Types’ and first travels to North Africa

Irish free state established

Cigarette prohibition enacted in 14 states in U.S.A.

Herman Rorschach introduces ink-blot test

Severe recession in U.S. causes creation of Budget Bureau

Tremendous rise in inflation caused by falling German mark

Albert Einstein wins Nobel prize for Physics for photoelectric effect

14.3 million telephones installed

1922 Vaccine for tuberculosis introduced in France

Mercedes-Daimler autos most popular in car racing worldwide

Tutankhamen’s tomb discovered in Egypt by Howard Carter

BBC begins broadcasting from Alexandra Palace, London

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R) formed

Mussolini’s demands Fascist government with his march on Rome

1923 Teapot Dome scandal

Hitler’s beer-hall putsch in Munich, Germany

Freud publishes ‘The Ego and the Id’

Scandal-wrought President Harding dies and is replaced by Calvin Coolidge

Violent Ku Klux Klan activities reported in press

Earthquake in Tokyo kills 150,000 persons

Hyper-inflation is rampant in Germany

George Gershwin writes ‘Rhapsody in Blue’

National Women’s Party proposes Equal Rights Amendment in Congress

Value of German mark drops to rate of four million to one US dollar

Albert Schweitzer publishes ”Philosophy of Civilization”

Eastman Kodak introduces 16mm motion picture film

1924 Calvin Coolidge elected President

First winter Olympics held

Hitler, sentenced to prison for the coup, is released

FBI appoints J. Edgar Hoover as director

Lenin dies and Stalin takes control of government

Leopold-Loeb murders

C.G. Jung travels to USA and visits Pueblo Indians

16 nations participate in Winter Olympics in Chamonix

One of first German skyscrapers, Wilhelm Marx house, completed in Dusseldorf

First four-wheel hydralic brakes appear on Chrysler automobiles

1925 Hitler publishes ‘Mein Kampf’ and reorganizes Nazi Party

Heisenberg, Bohr and Jordan develop quantum mechanics for atoms

State of Tenessee bans teaching of evolution

Citroen lights up its name on the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Bull market boom in New York Stock Exchange

Radio program “Grand Ole Opry” begins in Nashville TN

First electronic amplification of sound

Radio stations take first advertising

1926 First liquid fuel rocket fired by Robert Goddard

Commander Byrd flies over the North Pole

Scottish inventor John Logie Baird demonstrates television

Hubble discovers universe organized by galaxies

Hitlerjugend, Nazi Party’s fascist youth organization founded

Germany admitted to the League of Nations

1927 Anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti executed

In Russia Trotsky expelled from the Party

Charles Lindbergh flies solo across Atlantic Ocean

On Black Friday, German economy collapses

Federal Radio Commission(Later FCC) chartered

Movietone News begins using sound-on-film system

German inventor Pfleumer devises magnetic tape system

1928 Stalin introduces first Five-Year-Plan in U.S.S.R.

Geiger Counter invented

‘Steamboat Willie’ created by Walt Disney

Penicillin discovered by Alexander Fleming

Amelia Earhart flies Atlantic Ocean

Herbert Hoover wins U.S. presidency with campaign for ‘rugged individualism’

American women embrace flapper look

RKO Radio Pictures Corp. founded by GE, Westinghouse and RCA

Television introduced

First ‘all talking’ picture Lights of New York

1929 New York stock market crash on Wall Street on October 24, Black Friday

Kodak develops 16mm color film

St. Valentine’s Day massacre in Chicago

Pope Pius XI makes agreement with Mussolini recognizing Vatican

Trotsky expelled from Russia

Hitler appoints Himmler ‘Reichsfuhrer S.S.’

First coast-to-coast air and train service

Conversion to sound movies increases attendance nearly twofold in two years

1930 Hitler appointed German chancellor

Planet Pluto discovered by C.W. Tombaugh

Gandhi begins civil disobedience campaign

Graf Zeppelin flies around the world

Farnsworth patents television system

Five million unemployed in Germany

‘Fortune magazine’ founded by Henry Luce

Karl Landsteiner wins Nobel Prize for discovering human blood types

Federal Veteran’s Administration formed

1931 Empire State building opens in New York

Japan invades Manchuria

Construction on Rockefeller Center in NY is begun

First skyscraper with welded steel skeleton

‘Star Spangled Banner’ becomes National Anthem of United States

RCA issues first 33 1/3 rpm records

Electronic flash invented by Harold Edgerton

Al Capone goes to prison

Nazi party steadily increases power throughout Germany

1932 ‘Brave New World’ written by Aldous Huxley

U.S. Military reinstates awarding of Purple Heart medals

Amelia Earhart is first female to fly solo across Atlantic

Charles Lindbergh baby son kidnapped

First automatic dishwasher by General Electric

Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected President offering a ‘new deal’

Thomas Beecham founds London Philharmonic Orchestra

Western Electric introduces optical soundtracks to movies

1933 Hitler appinted Chancellor of Germany

Chicago World’s Fair, ‘A Century of Progress’

Gestapo founded by Nazis

Eleanor Roosevelt becomes political activist

‘New Deal’ of Roosevelt begins

First ‘Fireside Chat’ by President Roosevelt utilizes radio

Public Works Administration (PWA) begins “rebuilding America” program

New Deal Art programs begun by U.S. Government

15 million unemployed in USA

Vitamin C synthesized by Polish / Swiss chemist Tadeus Reichstein

Repeal of prohibition

First concentration camps built in Germany for killing of Jews

German film industry comes under Nazi control

Armstrong develops FM radio

1934 Stalin begins purge of Communist Party in Russia

S.S. Normandie launched by France

Hitler and Mussolini meet in Venice

In China Communists under Mao Tse-tung begin long march

Enrico Fermi discovers chain reaction of nuclear fission with uranium

1935 Alcoholics Anonymous founded

Radar invented by Watson in Britain

First wearable hearing aid, the Amplivox, designed by A. Edwin Stephens

Kodachrome film invented by Eastman Kodak Company

Douglas DC3 airplane introduced

Roosevelt creates Rural Electrification Administration

German Luftwaffe (Air Force) formed

Hitler passes law making Jews second-class citizens in Germany

First black and white photographs transmitted over telephone lines

U.S. Government establishes the Works Progress Administration

1936 King George V dies

Henry Luce begins publishing ‘LIFE’ magazine

Hitler and Mussolini declare Berlin-Rome Axis

Civil War begins in Spain

President Roosevelt asks F.B.I. to invesigate communists and fascist activity

German dirigible “Hindenburg” lands in Lakehurst, New Jersey

Hoover Dam built on Colorado River

German troops enter the Rhineland

Germans launch deisel-electric vessel “Wupperthal”

Eastman Kodak introduces 35mm Kodachrome film

1937 Franklin Delano Roosevelt is President of United States

Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) publishes first children’s book

German bombers raze Basque city of Guernica

Amelia Earhart disappears on flight over the Pacific

Albert Speer named Hitler’s chief architect

German dirigible “Hindenberg” explodes and burns at Lakehurst NJ

News of “Hindenburg” is first transcontintental radio broadcast

Edwin Land founds Polaroid Corporation

Golden Gate bridge opens

J.R.R. Tolkein writes fantasy book ‘The Hobbit’

Hattie Caraway, from Arkansas, is first woman elected to U.S. Senate

1938 Radio broadcast of HG Wells ‘War of the Worlds’ by Orson Welles

Neville Chamberlain seeks peace with Hitler at Munich

Sudeten Germans demand autonomy in Czechoslovakia

Chester Carlson invents xerography

Superman appears on comic strips for first time

Hitler invades Austria and the “Anschluss” unites Austria and Germany

Jews harassed in Germany with ‘Kristalnacht’

Jean Paul Sartre writes first existential novel ‘Nausea’

1939 World War II begins

New York World’s Fair held

Nonaggression pact signed by Hitler and Stalin

IBM develops Mark I, first digital computer

Winston Churchill appointed First Lord of the Admiralty

Germany invades Poland bringing Britain and France into conflict, starting WWII

Sigmund Freud dies in London

The U-235 isotope of uranium split for first time at Columbia

1940 Lascaux caves discovered in France

Frankin Roosevelt re-elected President for third term

Winston Churchill becomes British Prime Minister

Evacuation of British forces at Dunkirk in France

Nazis produce anti-semitic film ‘The Eternal Jew’

Russia forcibly absorbs the three Baltic states

German forces occupy Denmark and invade Norway

Murrow’s radio broadcasts from London during Blitz

1941 Japan conducts surprise attack Pearl Harbor

Germany invades the Soviet Union

America enters World War II as US declares war on Germany

Manhattan Project underway in United States

Germany and Italy declare war on the USA

Roosevelt and Churchill sign Atlantic Charter

Frank Whittle’s jet engine has first test flight

Lend-Lease Act authorizes U.S. aid to allies

1942 In Pacific U.S. and Japan engage in battle of Midway

Construction of Grand Coulee Dam

Entire electronics industry switches to war production

Marines land at Guadalcanal

Works Progress Administration (WPA) is terminated

112,000 Japanese-Americans interned in concentration camps in USA

First controlled nuclear reaction by Enrico Fermi at University of Chicago

1943 Mussolini falls in Italy

First nuclear reactor at Oak Ridge, Tenessee

Antibiotic drug penicillin introduced

Pay-as-you-go income tax system instituted in USA

Albert Hofmann, Swiss chemist, discovers LSD

Italy surrenders as U.S. troops land in Sicily

Barnes Wallis invents the bouncing bomb

1944 First wave of German V-2 supersonic rockets hit London

League of Women Voters fight for civil liberties

Roosevelt elected to fourth term as President

D-Day invasion by Allied Forces at Normandy in France

Eisenhower appointed supreme commander of allied forces in Europe

In U.S. G.I. Bill of Rights provide benefits for returning veterans

1945 World War II ends

United Nations founded

First nuclear bomb exploded at Alamogordo NM

Atomic bomb used against Japan at Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Roosevelt dies at Warm Springs GA

Soviet troops enter Berlin

Dachau and Auschwitz concentrations camps liberated

Mussolini is shot by Italian partisans

1946 Nazi leaders tried at Nuremberg war trials

First electronic computer ENIAC built at University of Pennsylvania

First meeting of United Nations

J.D. Rockefeller donates $8 million for U.N. Headquarters in New York

Juan Peron elected President of Argentina

Atomic Energy Commission established to regulate nuclear energy

Cannes Film Festival founded

Gillette becomes first network televisioon sponsor

Hasselblad square format camera introduced

Pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock publishes ‘Baby and Child Care’

1947 ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ published

Dead Sea scrolls discovered

Marshall Plan began in Europe

First supersonic flight

Al Capone Dies

Cold war begins

C.I.A. organized by U.S. Government

Viet-Minh forces attack French at Hanoi in Indo-China

Radio carbon dating suggested by American chemist Willard Libby

House Un-American Activities Committee begins work

1948 Gandhi assassinated by a Hindu extremist

State of Israel is established

Harry Truman elected President over Thomas E. Dewey

Long play recording invented by Peter Goldmark

Berlin blockade and airlift

1949 Chinese People’s Republic established

‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ by Joseph Campbell is published

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) pact signed

South Africa establishes Apartheid Policy

Volkswagen introduces “Beetle” to USA market

Soviet Union explodes first atomic bomb

1950 North Korea invades South Korea beginning Korean War

Color Television introduced in USA

Senator McCarthy accuses arts personalities of being communists

Harry Truman is President

General field theory proposed by Einstein

India Becomes independent democratic republic

Tibet is occupied by China

1951 First computer-generated image produced on CRT tube

Univac, first personal computer available

Korean War reaches stalemate and peace talks begin

1952 First McDonald’s restaurant opened

Contraceptive pill developed

First hydrogen bomb exploded by United States

16,000 escape from East to West Berlin during August

First major nuclear accident occurs in Canada

In America first year without reported black lynching incident

Albert Schweitzer is awarded Nobel Peace Prize

1953 Dwight D.Eisenhower, President

Korean war ends

Discovery of DNA structure by Crick and Watson

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg executed as spies

Queen Elizabeth crowned at Westminster Abbey

Joseph Stalin dies and is replaced by Krushchev

Lung cancer attributed for the first time to smoking

First human transplant (kidney) happens in Paris

1954 U.S. Supreme Court rules against segregated schools

First use of Salk vaccine for polio

U.S. troops sent to Vietnam

Senator Joseph McCarthy begins anti-communist trials

Nasser comes to power in Egypt

Federal Highway Act begins interstate system development

In Indo-China Viet Minh forces beat French at battle of Dien Bien Phu

NTSC Standard color TV broadcasting begins

1955 World’s first atom-powered vessel Nautilus launched

Boeing 707 launched

Commercial television begins in United Kingdom

Holography invented by Dennis Gabor

President Eisenhower suffers heart attack

In London optical fibers are invented

Oral contraceptives tested in U.S.

First commercial electricity generated by atomic energy

Albert Einstein dies

Bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama by Martin Luther King, Jr.

1956 Khruschev denounced Stalin era

Soviets smash popular uprising and invade Hungary

Martin Luther King Jr. continues Montgomery civil rights boycott

Dwight Eisenhower reelected President

Egypt seizes Suez Canal as war erupts in Middle East

1957 Space age begun as Soviets launch first man-made earth satellite Sputnik I

Mackinac Straits world’s longest suspension bridge

Eisenhower sends troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to enforce school integration

1958 European Common Market begins with Treaty of Rome

Beatnik movement in Europe and the United States

NASA created by US government

Van Allen Belt in space identified

Charles de Gaulle becomes President of France

Explorer I is first American satellite launched

1959 Fidel Castro becomes premier of Cuba

Alaska becomes 49th state; Hawaii becomes 50th state

Pope John XXIII calls first ecumenical council since 1870

St. Lawrence Seaway opens great lakes to Atlantic

Soviet leader Kruschev visits U.S.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum opens in New York

Nikon F single lens reflex 35mm camera on market

1960 John F. Kennedy elected President

Laser developed

The’ Pill’ introduced

Civil Rights Bill passed

Gary Powers and USA U-2 reconnaisance skyplane shot down over U.S.S.R.

In mid-East OPEC formed

American astronomers Sandage and Schmidt identify first quasars

Civil Rights Act protected voting rights of blacks

Cuba receives first Soviet military aid

1961 Soviet astronaut Yuri A. Gagarin is first man in space

First American, Alan Shepard, in space

Integrated curcuit patented by R. Noyce

East Germany erects Berlin Wall

U.S.-backed Cuban-exile forces land in Cuba at Bay of Pigs

Beginning of Peace Corps

Psychologist C.G. Jung dies at 85 years of age

1962 Cuban missle crisis

Astronaut John Glenn orbits the earth

U. S. establishes Military Council in Vietnam

South African Nelson Mandela jailed for five years

Spaceship Mariner 2 completes fly-past of planet Venus

U.S. satellite Telstar 1 launched

1963 President Kennedy assassinated in Dallas

Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson becomes President

Polaroid Corporation introduces first instant color photography

Martin Luther King Jr. delivers ‘I Have a Dream’ speech at Lincoln Memorial

Equal Pay Act passed

Lee Harvey Oswald shot by Jack Ruby on live television

1964 National Organization of Women founded

General Douglas MacArthur dies

Beatles give first concert in America & appear on “The Ed Sullivan Show”

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Martin Luther King Jr.

United States invades North Vietnam

IBM introduces computer chips

Aleksei Kosygin succeeds Krushchev in Russia

China explodes its first atomic bomb

Title 7 of civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination against women

1965 Lyndon B. Johnson, President

Sir Winston Churchill dies at age 91

Malcolm X assassinated

Vietnam war escalates with more than 3,500 U.S. troops added to 23,500 there

Race riots in major American cities

Medicare becomes law

Mao Tse Tung’s Cultural Revolution in China

Martin Luther King Jr. leads 5 day civil rights march in Alabama

1966 Artificial heart used during operation by Dr. Michael DeBakey

Indiria Gandhi becomes prime minister of India

U.S. policy in Vietnam challenged by International Days of Protest

England wins World Cup

Edward Brooke becomes first black elected to U.S. Senate since reconstruction

1967 Six-Day war between Israel and Egypt

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevera killed in Bolivia

U.S. begins the biggest assault of the Vietnam War

Hanoi attacked by US bombers

First successful heart transplant performed by Dr. Christian Barnard

Apollo II reaches the Moon

Father of the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer dies

Marijuana use increases

Children’s television program Sesame Street is begun

1968 Robert Kennedy assassinated in Los Angeles

Richard Nixon elected President

Czechoslovakia invaded by U.S.S.R. and Warsaw Pact allies

Nelson and Aneries van Dam create first Hypertext system

Paris negotiations begin to end Viet Nam war

Racial violence follows Martin Luther King Jr. assassination in Memphis

1969 First man on the moon is Neil Armstrong in Apollo XI spacecraft

500,000 attend Woodstock Music and Art Fair

Gilbert Hyatt invents single-chip microprocessor

1970 President Nixon signs bill banning cigarette ads on television and radio

Four students killed by National Guard at Kent State University anti-war protest

1971 Charles Manson and three followers are convicted of murdering seven

Lt. William Calley convicted of murder of 22 South Vietnamese in Mylai

Cable Television systems continue rapid expansion

1972 President Nixon visits China

President Nixon becomes first U.S. President to visit Moscow

Police arrest five in burglary of Democratic Party offices in Watergate

1973 U.S. Supreme Court votes 7-2 to uphold women’s rights to abortion

U.S. signs peace agreement with North and South Vietnam and the Viet Cong

Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns after pleading guilty to tax evasion

Gerald Ford replaces Agnew as VicePresident

1974 House Judiciary Committee opens impeachment hearings against Pres. Nixon

President Nixon resigns

Gerald Ford replaces Nixon as President

President Ford pardons Nixon for any Watergate involvement

1975 The last U.S. citizens are airlifted out of Saigon

Kodak markets its first copy machine

1976 The United States celebrates its bicentennial

Jimmy Carter is elected President

1977 President Carter pardons most Vietnam draft evaders

1978 U.S. Senate approves treaty returning Panama Canal by year 2000

Pope Paul VI dies; John Paul I succeeds but dies seven weeks later

Phillips-MCA test market videodisc player

1979 Major nuclear reactor accident at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania

President Carter and Soviet Brezhnev sign SALT 2 to limit strategic arms

1980 U.S. hockey teams win gold medal at Winter Olympics at Lake Placid

U.S. Committee votes to not participate in Summer Olympics in Moscow

Ronald Reagan is elected President of the U.S.

John Lennon is shot and killed outside his apartment in New York

1981 52 American hostages in Iran are released after 444 days in captivity

President Reagan is shot by John Hinckley, Jr. outside Washington hotel

Senate confirms Sandra Day O’Connor as first woman on Supreme Court

Scientists identify AIDS

1982 United States debt tops $1 trillion

1983 U.S. forces invade island of Grenada, disposing the Marxist regime there

Kodak produces 8 million disc cameras during the first year of production

1984 Ronald Reagan is re-elected to second term as U.S. President

Apple Computer introduces Macintosh

Kodak introduces video cameras and tape in 8mm format

1985 “Crack” cocaine hits the streets

Aldus President Paul Brainerd coins term “desk-top publishing

1986 Space shuttle Challenger explodes killing all seven astronauts aboard

President Reagan declares war on drugs

1987 President Reagan admits a ‘mistake’ in Iran-contra scandal