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Lester Beall, educated at Lane Technical School and the University of Chicago, was a designer ahead of his time. Primarily self-taught in graphic design, he exemplified a great knowledge and understanding of the European avant-garde. His early work shows the influence of constructivist and Bauhaus energy mixed with his personal sense of control. Beall exhibited a great talent for communicating ideas and elevating the taste and expectations of the corporate client. In 1937, Beall became the first American designer to have a one man show at the Museum of Modern Art, featuring his posters for the Rural Electrification Administration. These posters, his art direction of Scope the house magazine for Upjohn Pharmaceuticals Co., International Paper Co. and Connecticut Life Insurance helped to change the way industry viewed design. In 1992, he received the AIGA medal. His work was a model of the idea that good design could be effective communication and good business.

November 1937
June - July 1938
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