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Joseph Binder studied at the State School of Applied Arts in Vienna. His poster work uses simple compositions and geometric patterns derived from Cubist and DeStijl principles. In 1924 he won the poster design for the Buro des Festes, Vienna. His work 'Musik and Theaterfest' demonstrates his control over pictorial elements and geometric reduction. He emigrated to the United States in 1934 and was influential in developing the pictorial graphic design style of the 1930's and 1940's. In 1939 he designed the poster for the New York World's Fair. His success in the US was further increased by winning many poster competitions organized by the Museum of Modern Art, for such agencies as the National Defense, the United Nations and the American Red Cross. He also designed covers for Fortune and Graphis Magazine. During the 1940's he was a visiting lecturer for the Art Institute, Chicago, Pratt Institute, Columbia University, New York and many others. After 1950 he was art director for the US Navy Department in Washington, DC.

April - May 1940
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